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Best Ventilation Accessories Dampers MD10S

BestSKU: MD10S
10" automatic make-up air damper

Sale price$459.00
• Interlocked make-up air dampers provide outside air when required to keep the air in the home fresher
• Slave dampers are interlocked to the main automatic or universal make-up air damper and open in unison for synchronized operation. They close, along with the main damper, as soon as the range hood is powered off. Slave dampers can be "ganged" together to provide a cost effective means to provide for higher volumes of make-up air
• Interlocked make-up air damper systems meet IRC Code requirements for make-up air with range hoods over 400 CFM
• Interlocked make-up air systems avoid wasted energy
• Slave dampers are designed to work with all BEST® Automatic make-up air dampers including Direct Wire models MD6T/TR, MD8T/TR and MD10T, LinkLogic controlled models SMD6 and SMD8 and Universal models MD6TU, MD8TU and MD10TU
• Fresh air wall caps are required for use with Make-Up Air Dampers

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